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Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Archistar revolutionizes the way property professionals find, assess, and design sites. Transform your months-long process into ten minutes of simple site analysis.

Archistar is a new platform that comes to revolutionize everything we know about site analysis. This tool allows you to find in a matter of minutes information that before used to take days. From your computer, from anywhere you can find and reveal the highest & best use of any site with this technology.

How Archistar works?

  • Find Development Sites: discover profitable, underdeveloped sites in minutes

  • Instantly Assess Sites: rapid due diligence and feasibility calculation

  • Create Building Designs: visualize concept designs in 3D and test scenarios

Archistar in a video

If you wanna be a part of this game-changer technology we can get you signed up! We are official partners of Archistar in the US and we are really excited to be involved with such an advancement.

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