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Inside the Schematic Design Process

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

When designing your project, it’s important to start with the conceptual design to plan out the scope of work it will take to achieve.

What Is Schematic Design?

Schematic design is a rough construction drawing that offers a general overview of a project’s basic features and construction estimates, allowing you to determine if your concept fits within the project's reality.


The schematic design phase can help you create the early stages of:

This phase will help indicate the spatial relationships between your building features and let you visualize your ideal space in its initial form.

What Happens in the Schematic Design Phase with Pistil Consortia?

  • Work with our architect. One of our architects will work with you to determine the basic layout of their home, work, or commercial space for the general contractor.

  • Determine the size and goal of the project. We will help determine the scale, dimensions, and goals of the design project, and if these elements have adequate building code compliance.

  • Refine the design documents. We will refine and rework these design documents until you are ready to approve the deliverables.

Depending on the size and purpose of your building, there can be many stages until we finish it.

If you are ready to start with your dream project, contact us, and let's start transforming your idea into a real building!

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