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Words of Paradise I

Welcome to our first blog! In this space, we will be exploring different themes in architecture.

What is an Architecture firm?

An architecture firm is a company that specializes in providing architectural services to clients.

What services are provided?

Architecture firms provide a range of design services, from drawing up plans for a remodel to providing ground-up design of a structure. Architectural drawings can also be drafted for project proposals. In addition to drafting, an architecture firm can also build models and consult with contractors and other building professionals to accomplish projects.

How architecture firms are organized?

  • Small firms: with approximately 5 to 10 or fewer employees will often have no formal organization or structure and will be solely run and maintained by the owners/principles.

  • Medium firms: of 10 to 50 employees, start to develop and be organized via departments and teams that are overlooked and managed by senior members of staff.

  • Large firms: over 50 employees with departments and different studios.

What is a Boutique Architecture Firm?

We at Pistil Consortia, define a Boutique Architecture Firm as an architecture firm that because of its size (number of employees) and structure, can offer high-quality, personalized, and flexible services to a list of extremely demanding clients, both with regard to design and to personal treatment.

What makes us a Boutique Firm?

Aside from choosing a type of firm that produces the work and architecture that you are interested in, we believe the most important aspect of a firm is its people and creativity and how they interact with the client.

Each of our clients and their ideas is different and so it's the experience that we provide to them. Our team is formed of diverse professionals from all around the world, providing the different visions that each client needs.

Our team personalizes the experience of our services for each client according to their ideas and their needs.

If you wanna see your idea blossom into a dream building contact us and start discovering our boutique experience!

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